Who Shares Your Grief (Reminiscence)

Raj Budhiraja

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  • Year: 2007

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Dolphin Books

  • ISBN No: 9788188588121

How can a younger or elder member of house say that nothing belongs to him/her, rather everything belongs to him/her. The house, decoration of house, comfortable things, car, servants, job respect, honour etc. all belong to him/her only. Without getting more than that it cannot be said that ‘it is me.‘ Here none is king of Dvaraka who longs for the raw rice of Sudama. Here Sudama is busy in collecting his raw rice and Krishna is engaged in securing his throne. We are engaged in making our presence realized. In such a crowded situation what is the use of ‘ it is not mine.’ By experiencing the pleasure of possession over everything how one can say that nothing belongs to her or him. Gone are the days when rivers used to flow for others and trees used to bear fruits for others. Now everything is for self. To gain, put others down as much as you can -— whether physically, mentally or monetarilyi

Raj Budhiraja