A Coders Cocktail

Shashwat Rai

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  • Year: 2010

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 9789380707143

An excerpt...
My dreams had always been extravagant and seemingly more enjoyable to me than my real life. The strange world of 
imaginations where I rescued the POWs from Somalia to making love to the 
Hollywood babes was like a daily chore. 
I would often reach the climax on a high note and would wake up with my heart pounding and sinking like the low-high tides of the moving ridges of the sea.
My dreams were the answers to my real life questions. I was more than me, a kind of superhero, the Robin Hood alike in my dreams. Like the Iraqi shoe-throw journalist Muntader al-zaidi who was renowned for his dare devil act on Bush, I would somehow find ways while stargazing to flutter woman’s heart or make political revolutions worthy of being termed and credited for cultural turnarounds too. 
Maybe I always dreamt in lieu of waking up as someone else. Maybe I wanted to be somebody that I wasn’t already now. 
I loved my dreams more than I loved myself.

Shashwat Rai

Shashwat Was Born In 1983. He Has Lived Major Part Of His Life In Delhi . He Is 
currently Employed With A Leading IT 
company At Mangalore. Along With His Technical Expertise He Is Also Leading 
initiatives Like Voice Of Youth And Green Connect For The Organization.
Shashwat’s Writing Style Tends To Be Florid With A Mixture Of Fantasy And 
realism.  His Satires Of The Boss’s Snobbery, The Mention Of SRK And Take On Homosexuality — Lend A Signature To His Vivid Story Telling. Comparing Salaries To Coconut Milk, Office Rooms To Eskimo Huts Or A Girl To A Cigarette Are Just Some Of His Hailed Flights Of Fancy. His Characters' Names
 provide The Reader With Intimation In Boosting The Plot Such As SRK, Gabbar, Charlie Anna And Pankhuri. 
His Account Promises To Capture The Everyday Youth On Paper To Which The Readers Will Relate And Envision As Real People.