The Change Maker (Paperback)

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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  • Year: 2010

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-13-6

A New Smart Democratic Venture
To Mahatma Gandhi goes the credit of starting Non-Violent political movements; to Justice Bhagwati goes the credit of starting Public Interest Litigation, and now comes Subhash Agrawal who brings about changes by writing letters—a very unusual method which has resulted in significant successes in various areas, apart from winning him awards.
Here is a method which can be followed and used by others, and perhaps a regular movement can be organized for better results. We present the first ever study of this new smart democratic venture.

A Few of positive responses on Subhash's RTI Petitions:
Wealth-declaration by judges: Bill in Parliament to be introduced.
- Foreign trips of Judges: Restrictions now imposed by Union Government.
- Immunity against retired judges: CBI and Income Tax authorities initiate enquiries.
- Cases against retired judges: CBI and Income Tax authorities initiate enquiries.
- Conduct-code for judges: Bill in Parliament to be introduced.
- Disciplinary Authority for Judges: Bill in Parliament to be introduced.
- Twisting RTI Act by rules framed by Delhi High Court: RTI rules at Delhi High Court get revised.
- File-notings: Accepted by DoPT being under purview of RTI Act.
- Wealth-declaration by Union Ministers: Disclosed by Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
- Padma panel ignoring Olympics heroes: Authorities accept big lapse.
- Not following deadline for Padma-awards nominations: 20th November now being strictly followed.
- Flouting norms for issuing commemorative postal stamps: No violation reported after RTI petition.
- Fees structure at private universities: UGC to regulate fees-structure at private universities.
- RTI fees in various names: DoPT issues circular for uniform payee-name “Accounts Officer”- Merger of public sector oil-companies: Aspect gets momentum.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

It Is Only Seldom To Come Across Personalities  like  Subhash  Chandra Agrawal Who May Not Be Celebrities By Established Norms, But Perform Their Artistry Quietly Without Expecting Any Rewards. Yet Their Constructive Approach To Problems In The Society Illuminates By Itself In Form Of Achievements Gained In Service Of The People.
Born On 10 January 1950 In Delhi, Subhash Passed B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.) From Delhi University In The Year 1971 With A Brilliant Academic Record. An Observative Mind Right From The Childhood, Made Subhash Fire His First ‘letter-missile’ In Dainik Hindustan (Hindi) In The Year 1967 While Facing An Unpleasant Experience Of Not Receiving A Proper Travel Ticket By The Bus-conductor Who Was Pocketing The Ticket-money. Quick Response By Authorities To His Published Letter, Made Subhash Realize The Impact Of Taking Matters Through Newspapers. May It Be Constitution Review, Finance, Banking, Communications, Post, Railways,  Transport,  Consumerism, Radio, Television, Civic Problems Or Any Other Field, He Is Regularly Sending Suggestions. He Has A Vast Collection Of Letters Received From Authorities On High Posts Acknowledging His Selfless Service For The Noble Public Cause.
Even An Incurable Hardening Of His Right- Hand Thumb During Adolescence Could Not Snatch His Passion For Writing Letters, Which He Continues By Single-finger Typing, As He Never Learnt Formal Typing!