Reverse Your Thoughts Reverse Your Diseases (Paperback)

Anil Bhatnagar

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  • Year: 2014

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-43-3

Like an artist who expresses herself on canvas with colors, our thoughts do so on the canvas of life (health included). Health or diseases, therefore, do not come by chance; they are created through our mental processes—though unknowingly.
As per Psychoneuroimmunology, a new branch of science that studies the mind-body connection, the thoughts and emotions that we choose get instantly transformed into chemicals. These chemicals are, effectively, either self- administered injections of ‘slow poisons’ or of ‘healing medicines’ that eventually freeze into and become our physical states, i.e. the way we feel physically in our bodies—dis-eased or eased (i.e., healthy).
Reverse Your Thoughts, Reverse Your Diseases is your guide to retrace your path back towards health from diseases through the same route whence these came from, i.e. through the route of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and imagination. The book shares with you symptoms, emotional causes, metaphysical reasons, affirmations and dietary suggestions for averting and curing over 150 diseases . . . along with power-packed strategies for liberating you from corrosive thoughts and emotions.

Anil Bhatnagar