Pride And Prejudice (Paperback)

Jane Austen

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  • Year: 2013

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-64-8

Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy—how boring. 
Girl hates boy, Boy loves her not—equally boring. 
Put in some minor love tornadoes, now you are talking. That makes for the romance of the century.
19th century England is in the midst of love-filled storms! Welcome
to Meryton and to Elizabeth Bennet, who by the way hates Darcy. And Darcy thinks she is a part of 'Rich Groom Hunters' (at least her mother seems so)! A dozen fights, misunderstandings, and romantic musings later, will pride and prejudice fly out of the ‘English’ window for love to breathe?
A romance mesh in a 'spoon and fork society' with drama to put Bollywood to shame. Nothing tugs at the heart like love does—and 'Pride and Prejudice' with love stories entangled all over, still tugs at our hearts in this 21st century just as it did way back in the 19th century. Meet the ‘you’ and 'your love story' in this tale of the haughty Darcy and the hotheaded Elizabeth.
Read Jane Austen as she places life knowledge into an excellent plot to illustrate the negatives of pride and prejudice where relationships are concerned.  
You will agree—love surely never ages!

Jane Austen

Born To George And Cassandra Austen On December 16, 1775, Jane Lived A Quiet Life. Those Days, Women Were Supposed To 'stay At Home' And Not Dream Of Careers, Go Out Of The House, Involve In Politics, Write Novels, Etc. Through Long Talks With Her Brothers Francis And Charles, She Accessed The Outside World Enthusiastically. 
She Started Writing At A Very Young Age Starting With Comic Stories (Juvenilia). She Wrote Her First Novel Lady Susan When She Was Only 19. The Novels That Followed Were Sense And Sensibility (initially Titled Elinor And Marianne), Pride And Prejudice (initially Titled First Impressions), Susan (later Changed To Catherine), Mansfield Park, Emma And Persuasion. Such Were The Times That She Lived In That Not A Single Novel Had Her Name When First Published. Even When Pride And Prejudice Was First Published, The Name Of The Author On The Book Was 'By The Author Of Sense And Sensibility'.
Austen Lived In The 18th Century, And Her Works Mainly Fell In The Genre Of Romantic Fiction. For A Woman Who Had Mostly Learnt From Reading And Hardly Had Any Formal Education, Austen Was A Creative Genius Who Did Not Just Weave Beautiful Realistic Stories But Understood Her Society And The Factors Contributing To It. She Suffered From Addison's Disease, And Breathed Her Last On July 18, 1817.