Metamorphosis (Paperback)

Franz Kafka

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  • Year: 2015

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-89-1

The Metamorphosis is one of Franz Kafka's most well-known works. It is the story of a young man, Gregor Samsa, who transformed overnight into a giant beetle-like insect, becomes an object of disgrace to his family, an outsider in his own home, a quintessentially alienated man. 
A harrowing—though absurdly comic — meditation on human feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and isolation, The Metamorphosis has taken its place as one of the most widely read and influential works of twentieth-century fiction.

Franz Kafka

FRANZ KAFKA Was Born On July 03, 1883 To A Middle-class German-speaking Jewish Family In Prague. He Was One Of The Major Fiction Writers Of The 20th Century. His Unique Body Of Writing—much Of Which Is Incomplete And Which Was Mainly Published Posthumously—is Considered To Be Among The Most Influential In Western Literature. Kafka's Writing Attracted Little Attention Until After His Death. During His Lifetime, He Published Only A Few Short Stories And Never Finished Any Of His Novels Except The Metamorphosis. 
All Of Kafka's Published Works, Except Several Letters Which He Wrote In Czech To Milena Jesensk, Were Written In German.
Kafka Died On June 03, 1924.