A Trinity Of National Summits

Jagdish Pandey

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  • Year: 2004

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Dolphin Books

  • ISBN No: 978-81-88588-01-5

Malviyana is a worshipful homage to the father—angel and architect of the pilgrims of knowledge to the temple—shrine called Banaras Hindu University. Banaras, because it is a Kashi of culture; Hindu, because it flows like the Mother Ganges of cosmopolitanism; and University, because it is a universal city of congregating diversity.
Homage to Radhakrishnan is homage to the majesty and stature of lndia’s philosopher king, to the teacher and liaison luminary of the East and the West, to one whose voice reverberated across the seas as the voice of India with the ageless wisdom of its sages and seers. It is a homage in soul’s indebtedness to all gurus through a sublime symbol of him.
Compliments to Kalam should be read as the heart's low bow to the ace patriot and Mother India’s ideal son today. It is homage to eyes lit with a vision of India’s march ahead and glory tomorrow, to a sense of belongingness above all barriers and cramping cabin of spirit, and finally to one for whom knowledge is a ceaseless quest, dynamic as life itself and inspired like love that embraces all.
My prostrations to each as the symbol and synonym of the son of modern India.
Please listen with compassionate affection to the lispings of this child. Bless him where he is child-like. Forgive him where he is childish.

Jagdish Pandey