Thank You Idi Amin

Mohezin Tejani

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  • Year: 2010

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 9789380707037

Through adversity, a new life emerges
Bouncing back from one of the horrific episodes of world history—Idi Amin’s expulsion of 80,000 Asians from Uganda— Mohezin Tejani presents a collection of true stories about being a global Muslim refugee.
Liberated from the confines of his own culture by political realities, Tejani sets out to learn how to be rooted in the absence of a place to call home. His writing is a hypnotic bhangra dance through time and space where he deftly explores both geographical and psychological displacement. Yet it is precisely through such disorientation and a host of intercultural encounters that he eventually finds solace in being a ‘global village on two legs.’
Thank You, Idi Amin portrays the intersecting points of congruence among humans that are neither from the East nor the West, nor the North or South, but are all part of a global compass navigating the new world of tomorrow.

Mohezin Tejani

Mohezin Tejani—an Indian Shia Muslim By Ancestry—was Expelled From Idi Amin’s Uganda In 1972. Torn Apart From His Family And Exiled From His Continent Of Birth, He Was Left Homeless, Without Sense Of His Own Cultural Identity. Over The Next Three Decades On The Road, He Worked With Non-profit Agencies, Learned A Slew Of New Languages, Met Fellow Cultural Nomads In Forlorn Places, And Became Involved In Some Of The World’s Most Significant Historical Events. In This Entertaining Globetrotting Memoir, The Author Travels Through Five Continents In Search Of A Place He Can Call Home. The Trials And Tribulations Of ‘identity Shopping’ In The ‘multicultural Supermarket’ Of Today Almost Bring Him To The Brink Of Alienation But, As He Discovers Over The Years, There Are Many Along The Road Who Are Ready To Lend A Helping Hand. Join Him On His Journey As He Seeks Liberation From His Cultural Chains And The Catharsis Of Realizing His True Identity.