The Growing Years (Novel)

Ann Delorme

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  • Year: 2012

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 9789380707464

The Growing Years is a novel that deals with the life of a mother living in the shadow of death and, also the painful, exploratory years of adolescent children. It delves with a touch of humour into the complex psychology of children and adults as they age towards maturity and death, unwilling participants.
The novel also traverses the depths of an Anglo Indian culture left behind by the colonials who quit India. A culture that has been nurtured and blossoms in the gardens of a hybrid race that still closet themselves in the bungalows of their minds.

Ann Delorme

Ann, A Second-generation Anglo Indian, Takes Pleasure In Exploring The Psyche Of A People Who Are The Descendants Of The Colonials Of The Nineteenth To The Twentieth Century India. A Race Caught Up In A Hybrid Culture, An Uncanny Mixture Of East And West Which Turned Many Of Them Into Nomads In Search Of An Imaginary Anglo India. Outside The Protective Barbed Wire Of Military Cantonments, It Was Difficult To Search For The Ideal That Existed In Their Hearts. So, They Simply Lived The Ideal They Were Familiar With And Believed Wholeheartedly In It.
Ann Loves To Write. She Is Also A Sculptor And A Painter. She Creates Fictional Characters, Whose Lives Turn Messy And Turbulence Strikes At The Root Of Their Ideals As They Grow In Substance, Journeying Through The Twists And Turns Of Her Narrative Encountering Unusual Adventures.
The Growing Years Is Her First Novel.