Wuthering Heights (Paperback)

Emily Bronte

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  • Year: 2013

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-66-2

A snowstorm evening. A moorland farmhouse. A visitor from south England on a recuperation trip. And a nightmare featuring the ghost of the earlier occupant of the farmhouse—trying to get in.
Wuthering Heights and its chambers have stood the test of time and temperaments of the illustrious Earnshaws and the dark-skinned orphan Heathcliff. Through this classic romance, Emily Bronte takes us to the rebellious young Catherine Earnshaw, who with time, grows into an opinionated, treacherous woman in love with two men. And to Heathcliff, adoration and hatred for Catherine is the stuff classics are made of. All this while two illustrious families fall prey to the perfect scheming of the dark-skinned lunatic orphan! Will her love win or will it be his hatred?
With love, betrayal, rivalry, and revenge at its heart, this saga of the moorland farmhouse has everything that awakens the base humane emotions. Realistically real with its vivid imagery, Wuthering Heights—166 years later too lives on, because love still drives the world, and revenge still destroys it.

Emily Bronte

Can Your First Published Novel Be A Classic And That Too When It Is The Only Published One? Emily Jane Bronte Is One Such Creative Genius. Her Only Published Work ‘Wuthering Heights’ Is Now Considered A Classic Of English Literature Though She Had Written It Under The Pseudonym Of Ellis Bell (only Posthumously Was The Book Published In Her Real Name). 
Born In Yorkshire On July 30, 1818, She Mostly Studied At Home And Was An Unsocial, Reserved Woman. Her Unconventional Religious Beliefs Kept Her Out Of Church Services While She Loved Animals So Much That She Preferred Their Company To Humans. She Rarely Went Out Or Travelled; She Was Also One Of The Creative Triad Also Consisting Of Charlotte Bronte (older To Emily) And Anne Bronte (younger To Emily). The Three Sisters Jointly Published A Volume Of Verse ‘Poems By Currer, Ellis, And Acton Bell’ (pseudonyms For The Three Sisters). 
Wuthering Heights Received Mixed Reviews On Its Publication, And Was Mostly Criticised For Its Portrayal Of Misplaced Passion With Strong Emotional Undercurrents. Today, There Is No Dearth Of Its Admirers Who Love It For The Very Complexity And Darkness Of Human Emotions That It Was Criticised After Its First Publication. Emily Fell Prey To Tuberculosis, And Breathed Her Last On December 19, 1848, After Much Suffering And Pain. There Is Hardly Any Record Of Her Life, Or Of Her Mysterious Spiritual Existence, As She Left No Correspondence Of Interest Behind.