The Mother Of All Books (Paperback)

Rajni Arun Kumar

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  • Year: 2013

  • Binding: Paperback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 978-93-80707-74-7

Sense has been banned from discotheque, multiplex, several restaurants, shopping mall, plane and many other places of recreation*. And this was even before the baby was born... Yes, Sense was expecting... A baby...
To make things worse, she has to contend with having no permanent address, a set of friends who think nothing of scrutinising her like a specimen under a microscope, and relatives who mean well. Then there’s the journey of re-discovering her constantly changing body, which for anyone who has crossed puberty is not in the least pleasant – now it’s cold, now it isn’t; now it’s fat, no, it isn’t; now it fits, Ha! Now it doesn’t! All very confusing... For someone who has prided on knowing her mind since she was three, this was allgoing horribly wrong.
Come due date, and Sense, as usual has managed to get herself into a pickle and is once again, very nearly banned from the hospital*! Can the Baa-lamb (who has the patienceof a saint) and Sense’s parents (whose understanding parallels the Dalai Lama) guide her through these tumultuous times? Will the little one survive Sense’s adventures unscathed? And what other adventures are in store for Sense and family in this journey called Motherhood? 
*She staunchly insists this is through no fault of hers and blames it squarely on extenuating circumstances.

Rajni Arun Kumar

Daughter... Friend... Sister... Wife... Mother... None Of These Quite Defines RAJNI ARUN KUMAR. But They Are A Part Of What Makes Her ‘her’. She Neither Is A Psychiatrist Nor Is She An Expert In Child Rearing. In Fact, She Is A Self-confessed Domestic Disaster, And A Bit Of A Drama Queen. But She Realised That The More She Wrote About Her Experiences On Her Blog (, The More Other Moms And Dads Were Able To Relate To It; They Were Secretly Glad That Someone Had The Good Sense To Laugh About It All. This Is How The Idea For This Book Came Into Form.
Says Rajni, “Somewhere Between Being A DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) With Absolutely No Responsibilities To Becoming A Full-time Mother, I Discovered What I Was Truly Meant To Be Doing – Making People Laugh At My Expense.”
She Is Currently Hard At Work Being A Seasoned ‘disaster-mum’ The Second Time Around, Or As She Claims, ‘researching Book Number 2’.